Submit a Claim

If you have filed a claim and have not yet been contacted to schedule an inspection of your property, DO NOT file another claim. If you received an email confirmation after filing your claim, we have received your claim and it is not necessary to file an additional claim for that same property.

Contact us toll free at (855) 684-6180 if you are not sure whether your first claim was accepted.

Simply because you received the Notice does not mean you are a Class Member. To make a claim, Class Members must own a home meeting the class definition and submit a claim form for each such home. TCS must verify that each claimant meets the class definition before paying a claim. This verification will likely require that you permit an inspection of your home and/or provide adequate documentation.

Failing to file a claim and allow TCS to complete the verification process within the allotted time may result in you forfeiting all of the settlement benefits currently available to you. If any settlement funds remain after TCS makes all initial settlement payments, the qualifying Class Members will be entitled to an additional cash payment in the future.

To make a claim, you must submit a claim form using one of the following methods:

File a Claim Online
If you own a home located in Nevada that is believed to have air conditioning systems that contain or contained Aspen Series BB evaporator coil units designed, manufactured and/or sold by Aspen, you can File a Claim online by clicking the "File a Claim Online" button above.
Download Claim Form
Click the "Download Claim Form" button above to download a Settlement Claim form. You must then mail the completed and signed form to the Settlement Administrator at the address noted on the claim form.
Contact Administrator
For information on contacting the Settlement Administrator, click the "Contact Administrator" button above to be directed to the Contact Us page.