The Aspen Series BB evaporator coils are typically located in the attic but are sometimes found in the garage. One of the only ways to verify whether you have the Aspen Series BB coils is to look for coils bearing the Aspen logo and a model number that starts with BB (followed by a series of numbers and letters). Please do not attempt to look in your attic unless you feel comfortable doing so in a safe manner. If not, a claims representative will be assigned to do this for timely claimants.

Label photo

You MAY have the Aspen Series BB evaporator coils if your home has any rust stains on the exterior (e.g., stucco, window, concrete, and/or the landscaping) similar to the sample photographs provided here.

Staining Example 1
Staining Example 2
Staining Example 3
Staining Example 4